Fia Grande Punto Brutale - Super2000 aerokit


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19 Ottobre 2004
Pordenone ... rally-car/

We like Super 2000 rally cars, as they demonstrate just how much you can do with a normally-aspirated 2.0L engine. Fiat's Grand Punto Rally is built to S2K specs and it certainly delivers the goods: 270 horsepower at 8,250 rpm, to be exact.

Lancia Delta IntegraleNow comes word from Britain's 4Car that the Italian automaker is readying a limited-run (250 units) special road car based on the Super 2000 called the Grand Punto Brutale, in what's said to be a nod to the Lancia Delta Integrale (shown at right).

"Based on" is an apt description, because 4Car reports that the Brutale will be turbocharged, which is a no-no in Super 2000. We're guessing the real similarity will be in the looks department, as the Brutale will apparently get the S2K car's bodywork and a stripped-down, racy interior. It'll also have AWD, just like the rally car. Sounds cool. Too bad we'll never see it here.

Follow the jump for a vid of the Grand Punto Super 2000 car in action, as well as a breakdown of the racer's tech specs.